A spread for my Thankful book. I took pictures as I was watching the games. I only felt silly a couple of times. Wink (the one of Misty and Kerri is from the internet. I didn't think I should put an unflattering picture of them on my page for future generations to see. lol )

Journaling: The only sports I’ve ever watched have been things my kids were envolved with growing up. I was their number one fan and I never missed a game. However, when it comes to sports on tv I’ve only ever watched the Super Bowl and that’s because, well, it seems a little anti-american not to. When it comes to the Olympics though, everything stops for 2 weeks. I don’t care if it’s the summer games or the winter games, I’m invested in them and I make plans accordingly. It’s not the competition between athletes or the competition between countries; it’s the pride in the athletes that I am so attracted to. They’ve all worked so hard and for so long for this that I want to be there to cheer them on . . . and I do. My family gets a kick out of my cheering from the other room (they are not as “involved” in the games as I am) but I can’t help it. I love it when they excel at their dream and their hard work pays off. The annoucers are there cheering with me so I’m not totally alone.
A confession from these 2012 Olympics in London: It was all about Michael Phelps this year for me; I wanted him to go out with a bang. He didn’t medal in his first race and he was very upset with himself. I thought, “If he can just win the 200 Butterfly he will be ok with it all.” I was on the internet looking for the time table for the races that night and was hit straight in the face with the results of the day. I was so upset. Not only was it spoiled for me, but Phelps got silver in the one race that he had never lost before. I called Gary on the phone and when I was telling him about the 200 butterfly I got all choked up! WHAT??? lol He tried not to laugh at me, but couldn't help himself. I said, "Well, now that I've told you about our other kid . . . " :O/ In the end though, Michael Phelps finished his career with 22 Olympic medals and the title (to most people anyway), “The Greatest Olympian Ever.”
These athletes teach us pride, perseverance, sportsmanship, and like Morgan Freeman says in the commercials, that dreams really can come true.
As far as I’m concerned, I was there! I was at the Olympics in London and I took pictures of it all. I had the best seats . . . right in front of my tv. I watched Phelps become the most decorated olympian ever; I saw the Fab Five win gold; Murray beat Federer after loosing to him at Wimbledon; the young women swimmers showed us a preview of what is to come in Rio; Oscar Pistorius made his dream a reality running on prosthetic legs; Misty and Kerri made us fall in love with beach volleyball and Usain Bolt became, in his own words, “a legend.”
The olympic stadium was amazing with the digital show that was generated from lights on the seats & during the closing ceremonies we saw the atheletes capturing memories on their cell phones rather than the video cameras of the past.

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