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Philipp Wilhelm Sack 22 Feb. 1734 – 22 Dec. 1813 This story was graciously translated from the Silver Book by one of the extended Sack family members. I added other historical data and if there are inaccuracies they are entirely my fault.

Philipp Wilhelm Sack was born 22 February 1734. He was the youngest brother of Simon Heinrich Sack, founder of the Sack Foundation. His parents were Friedrich Ernst Sack and Dorothea Lucanus. In the picture Philipp Wilhelm is shown in the uniform of a cuirassier. The term cuirassier refers to armored cavalry, who wore a cuirass – a piece of armor which covered the torso. Philipp Wilhelm joined the cavalry regiment in 1756 at the age of 22 as an officer. It was a time of great turmoil in Europe as it was the start of the Seven Years War (1756 – 1763). In the United States, we generally refer to this conflict as the French and Indian Wars, but it was in truth a global conflict. During the Seven Years War Philipp Wilhelm saw action in several battles , where he distinguished himself by courage and valor. In 1757 he was wounded during the battle of Rossbach. This battle was masterminded by Frederick the Great when he utilized rapid movement to surprise and rout the opposing army with relatively little loss of life. The cavalry, under General von Seydlitz, was a key element in this battle. In an era where the heavy cavalry was usually held in reserve, he and his regiment were in the forefront of the action.
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