One evening as the family was gathered I asked them to list some of their memories of the trip and they obliged. Some things are repeated in the journaling but some of these items I don't think would have made it in the book otherwise.

Journaling: waiting in the cold for the bus that never came • eating lunch in a castle • Munich’s spaceship hotel with thin elevator • bus full of Chinese people descending on the Chinese restaurant • nutella on bread • sitting in someone else’s reserved seat on the train • walking in the rain in Füssen • wanting to zipline across the river in Füssen • tasting beer in a Salzburg tavern • trying to find the correct bus stop (to get to Berchtesgaden) in Salzburg • and the woman who was adamant about helping us find the bus stop but was wrong • spacious hotel rooms for four • locks on the bridge • the guy who played the trumpet on the Königssee and asked for tips • buying a sword in Rothenburg ob der Tauber • night watchman’s tour • go to hell • searching for our hotel in Füssen and dragging our luggage up and down the hill • the ice cave in Neuschwanstein • taste testing apple juices • rushing to get to our timed tickets for Hohenschwangau then finding no one else there • steep Ehrenberg trail • unsafe playgrounds • new door from 1500 • struggling to get tap water • wandering around castle ruins • falcon show • Benjamin Franklin • “it’s all good fun until you lose your falcon” • great breakfasts • flavored honeys • paying too much for tickets to Füssen • old churches • gelato • wax seals • walking on the wall • walking and not finding dinner • 20 + C + M + B + 12 over the doors • Easter candy at breakfast • guy at hotel who called us a taxi • eggs hanging on trees • people who wouldn’t share the seats on the train • Arabic newspaper • weird modern art in Salzburg • Mirabell Garden in Salzburg • buying train tickets at a machine • lunches bought in the train station • getting off at a farther stop then we needed to get to the castle • eating Donner kabobs in Füssen • trying to find a taxi in Reutte • snow in Munich • beautiful countryside views from the train • buying groceries • nice gentleman who drove us to Reutte • hot chocolate for breakfast

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