Journaling: Iíve always loved technology, but like clothing styles I was always a little behind when joining in. When my boys were in high school, I learned quickly that if I wanted to have any sort of connection with them outside of the home I was going to have to text. (And, sometimes within the home, too). It was great and carried through to college years. Itís now my lifeline with Mark.
It wasnít long before Skype was available and I was now able to be with my family at Christmas. Even though they live in TX and I live in SD we were always ďtogetherĒ for the festivities at Cassieís house Christmas Eve night. I sit in front of my computer until the last person leaves and Cassie says, ďAre you still sitting there???Ē lol Itís the highlight of the season for me.
I stayed far away from MySpace and Facebook when it all first started. I wanted nothing to do with it. However, when Taylor joined the army and moved to Italy I knew this was going to be the only way I would be able to ďseeĒ him. We Skyped for a little while, but the connection wasnít always good and you canít always have the privacy that you might want when Skyping. Taylor is in his second tour in Afghanistan and itís all Facebook now. I find myself logging on just to see if heís there. If heís not I still feel good when I find, by comments that heís left for others, that heís been there (and is doing fine). I get to see pictures that Taylor and Nathan post and pictures of them posted by others and it makes me feel like Iím still connected even though I donít get to see them that often.

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