Summer Spectacular 2012: Bring On the Color Challenge

This is my page for the Summer Spectacular 2012 Color Challenge. The whole summer event has been wonderful! I'm sad that it is drawing to a close. I had quite a bit of fun playing with the colors for this page, choosing to emphasize the brighter colors of the palette to go with the page story and the story is this...

Among my family and friends, I enjoy a certain, um, reputation for my love of goofy holiday fashion. I'm the one with a different Christmas sweater for nearly every day of December, and don't get me started on my Halloween shirts and earrings. People know this about me and so I am often the recipient of gifts that are more often than not given as a joke, as in: no one in their right mind would ever really wear that! Well, to that I say: have we met? Smile My niece does much eye-rolling when she sees me in a Christmas hat that looks like it came right out of a Dr. Seuss book, complete with twirlygigs and froomboombles and spang-spangles, and yet she, too, feeds into this by giving me things that she thinks will result in a good laugh but then will be put aside. The sunglasses I'm wearing in the photo on this page? They were a birthday gift from her last year. I screamed with delight when I saw them and wore them for the rest of the day. As she and her parents were leaving, she gave me a big hug and said, "I love you but you are sooooo weird!" High praise from a teenager! Smile

Journaling reads:
"So says my niece each time she sees me in an elf hat for Christmas or a turkey sweater for Thanksgiving or colorful sunglasses for my birthday. Well, Sweetie, be thankful that I confine these little fashion eccentricities mainly to holidays and that I wear them mainly at home. After all, I could be showing up to to your softball games dressed as a fielder's mitt carrying a big sign that says, "Go, Niece!" on it! Hey! What a GREAT idea!"

Designer Digitals Summer Spectacular 2012 Bring on the Color Freebie Pack

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Edge Overlays No. 04
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Whimsy Wings Kit

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Layer Works No. 058

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Bright Day Mini Kit

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