Yay... another sport to scrap! *wink* My nephew and godson is an excellent baseball player and has hopes of following in Shannon's footsteps and play in college! He (and his team!) had a great game yesterday afternoon, beating a local jr. college team 5-2! The only bummer was that I was forced to shoot thru the fence... grrrrr...
And, no... the photos aren't wonky! My nephew is about 6'3" and has LONG arms! *grin*

EGADS!!! I just realized that somehow Pattie's little baseball isn't on the page! It's on my layout 'holding down' the "twenty-four" tag... gadzooks!
I'll have to reload this tonight WITH that little ball... you know I can't do a sports layout without Pattie's enamels!

***Pattie's baseball found... all's well with the world now! LOL***

What a great day you had today and I’m so happy I got see one game! And, take photos, too! ☺ It’s always fun to see you play, but today was exceptional... you made some fine plays as catcher and helped lead your team to a victory over LA Harbor College! Yes, this is your high school team and you beat a college team. You were the one that drove in the go-ahead score on a single and you picked off a guy on second from behind the plate... on your knees! You rocked it today, Walker, and you proved you can play at the next level... hold on to those dreams of college and the big leagues... I can see it, too.
Palos Verdes HS vs LA Harbor Jr. College | 28 July 2012


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