Summer spectacular 2012: Summer of Yesteryear

I have written before of the boxes and boxes of memorabilia my mom left me when she passed. I continue to go through those boxes as time permits, and I continue to find some real treasures. The picture on this page is such a one. Although my mom took pictures of me and my sisters while we were growing up, there are no real scrapbooks of us, just photos in those old boxes, so it was a delight to find this photo of me, taken at one of my birthday parties. I had completely forgotten about this day until I saw this pic; isn't it amazing how looking at a photo can bring old memories right back into sharp focus? The little gap-toothed monkey second from your right? That's me. No date on the photo, but I'm guessing from who else is in the photo that it was probably my 5th birthday (hence the bad pun page title). And how does any of this tie in to the Summer of Yesteryear theme? I'm getting to that. Smile My birthday is in August (Ah ha! The tie-in! Smile ), so although I have many of the usual memories of summer that a child raised in the northern hemisphere might have--no school, long bike rides, swimming in the neighbor's pool--my favorite memories are of the summertime birthday parties my mom would organize for me. She'd bake a cake and invite all of the neighborhood kids in for games and food. Those were some fun days. Although I quit celebrating birthdays when I got to the 16th anniversary of my 29th birthday, I still remember those early birthdays with pleasure.

Journaling reads:
"My fondest memories of childhood summers are those of my birthday parties. With an August birthday, the late summer was always a time of celebration. Mom would bake my favorite cake (Mmmm! Angel Food!) and I'd invite all of the neighborhood kids to attend. School would be starting in just a few weeks, and with it the end of a freedom that only summer vacation can bring, but all of that seemed so far away as I celebrated the day of my birth in the warm summer sun with family and friends."

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