Wish I could say that I'm caught up - well, I guess you could say that I am since I just got started. :-D Caught up is about doing January to June. That will be a bonus, I guess.

Crappy image quality - that's what happens when you decide to leave your DSLR at home. Bad idea! The sharpening is a little off too - Will correct it in the psd file.

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Katie Pertiet
Pocket Pages Layered Templates No. 03
Pocket Pages No. 04 Stitched Grids ONLY
Naturally Krafty No. 01 Paper Pack
Hot Floral Paper Pack

Ali Edwards
Hand-drawn Frames: Number One 12x12
The Story Word Art + Hand Drawn Brushes

Maplebrook Studios
Lars Solids Paper Pack

The story: M drew a head-feeter (app. translation for what they call it in Norway, when children draw people with just a head and feet), J drew them both going hand in hand down to g-ma.

Week in review - all about our trip to Legoland. Smile