Jake is finally old enough to ride on the pirate ship in Annapolis. Bailey did it twice when she was younger and my mom has been waiting for the summer when Jake could do it. They take them as young as 2 but you really need to be 4 or 5 to enjoy it. It took Jake a few minutes to get used to the idea, then he jumped right in.

He wore some pirate gear and got a "tattoo" of a fire-breathing shark on his arm. The kids that work there are so much fun, and interacted with everyone. They boarded the ship and went on their adventure; first they found the map hidden somewhere on the ship, and on the way to the treasure they found "Pirate Pete," whom they bombarded with water cannon on the side of the ship. Then to the treasure, and finally around to the harbor to get a swig of Pete's Grog, which was root beer.

He had a blast, and Bailey was involved, too, even though she was about two feet taller than all the other kids.

Well worth the $19 a person if you're ever in Annapolis and need something to do with your kids. Smile Or grandkids.


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