Summer Spectacular 2012: Biggest Splash Challenge

It is sometimes hard for me to believe that I actually pay money to get the life scared out of me when I travel--zip lining, canyoneering, parasailing, white water rafting. My life at home is fairly sedentary, so maybe that's why I do these things...Seriously, white water rafting is quite fun, but when I'm hurtling headlong into a wall of water, a wall of water that masks a set of class V rapids that could very well throw me from the flimsy rubber raft onto big, pointy rocks, "This is sooo fun!" are not usually the words that I'm saying right at that time, if you know what I mean. Smile

This photo was taken during our last trip to Costa Rica (yes, still not done with that book...sigh...I tried making a rule for myself--I can't travel until I scrap the pics from the last trip--but with my lack of time management skills, such a rule would mean that I'd never travel again...ever...but I digress...). Along with the guide in our raft, there was a guide in a kayak running ahead of our raft, looking for the best (note that I am not using the word "safest!") route down the river. It rains so often in Costa Rica that the river paths can change almost daily, so this lone guy in his kayak was necessary. He'd often get far enough ahead of us that he could hang out and take photos of us as we made our way down the river. Yup, that's me sitting to Peter's right; you can just make out my helmet and my paddle! Smile

Great challenge, Kathie!

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