I think I need to take a break from scrapping more often. I've been more productive since I decided to stop scrapping for a while than I've been in a long time! I've finished up two projects in my "Clean Up" folder and now I'm starting on a third!

This is my page for Connie's (scullen2) Summer Celebration challenge for DD's Summer Spectacular 2012, and the story is this...

We have a group of friends that we've known for years. We've been with them through marriage, divorce, children, new jobs, new homes. They come over to our place for summer barbecues and Christmas tree-trimming parties; we go to their homes for Bad Movie Nights and birthday parties. About three years ago (yes, I am that far behind in my scrapping...sigh...) we all met for a picnic in a local park. Along with the usual assortment of picnic paraphernalia, one of the guys brought some squirt guns and a toy rocket launcher (it launched nerf rockets, so nothing too dangerous). When Peter found the rocket launcher, he whispered to himself, "Ooohhh!" and I knew the kids would never see it again. Smile

Journaling reads:
"Peter discovers the rocket launcher. No good can come from this!"

...and the ant is thinking, "Be afraid! Be very afraid!"

Thanks for a fun challenge, Connie!

Designer Digitals Summer Celebration Freebie (Good Times ticket)

Lynn Grieveson
Frayed Knots
Never Stop Element Pack

Cassie Jones
How’d They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows

Pattie Knox
A to Zoo Word Tiles Value Pack (ant extraction)
BBQ Bash Kit
Shimmer Me Tidbits: Fireworks
Staple Its!

Katie Pertiet
Capped: Rainbow
Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 01
Cut Ups: Everyday
Doodledo Whimsy No. 02 Brushes and Stamps
Pocket Cards: Ledger No. 01
Postage Strip Journalers No. 01
Slide Reels No. 01
Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Twisted Dots No. 01
Worth Repeating Brushes and Stamps No. 10

Maplebrook Studio
Annino Solids Paper Pack

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