So, I hate to report that Shannon sprained her ankle the day before all the cadets marched into Jacks Valley for all the really, really hard part of training... think "grab a rope and swing over water and land on the other side of the pond" and "crawl under that log and the climb over that log" and "climb up the tall wall and jump off the other side", etc... just like you see in the movies! *wink* Anyways, she was VERY upset and worried that it would hinder her in these next few weeks.

As an aside, she got to call me the day after she sprained it (last Sunday) 'cuz they had ONE DAY OFF! *grin*
She spent time w/her soccer teammates and coaches and her sponsor family... hence the phone photo texted to me!
At any rate, all week I've been seeing photos of her on the obstacle courses and in the glider yesterday, so she's working her fanny off again in spite of the ankle!
I'm sure her ankle hurts 'cuz sprains don't heal up in 3 days, but she's hangin' in there... yay!

Yeah... I know what they always say... accidents happen. But... seriously? Now? During BCT? You sprained your ankle? Seriously? I was so sorry (and yes, upset!) to hear this... oh, I just feel for you, Dolly! And I know it seems like a big setback... maybe that’s the wrong word... but, what timing, eh? Just don’t let it get to you. Don’t let it deter you. I was happy you told me it was a “light sprain” and that you plan on participating in all the drills and activities in Jacks Valley over the next few weeks. I truly hope so. But, seriously? And, do you think they could’ve given you a bigger boot? It looks like you’ve broken your leg, for cryin’ out loud. But, you’re smiling about it... at least in the photo! ☺ That said, I know you are very worried... just hang in there, Missy. Ice the heck out of the ankle and you’ll be up and running (pun intended!) in a few days!
USAFA Doolie Day Out at the home of your ‘Sponsor Family” Richard & Evelyn Flater / July 15, 2012


Pencil Line Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Simple Collage Frames No. 01

Just Linens No. 44 *Coming this weekend, I believe!*

Call the Doctor! Kit *Coming this weekend, too!* (alpha, brad, bandaid, arrow, word sticker)

Thanks for looking! Debi