The {not} so itsy bitsy spider

This is the story of Clara and the wolf spider. I downloaded the photo of the spider from the internet....ewww!

Journaling reads:
Note to Clara:
We were doing a photo shoot for your birth announcement. We tried several different poses and had come to the time for the hat pose. We got you all comfortable and sleepy. Your Dad was holding the hat and we figured we could edit out his hands and arms. It was getting hot and we were worried about you getting too much sun.....when all of a sudden a huge wolf spider came running out of the grass, across the brim of the hat, onto your tummy and then off the other side. Grammie screamed and rushed in to pick you up, it scared all of us so much. We thought maybe the spider had gotten into your diaper, but you were O.K. We got some wonderful photos of you that day....but we’ll never forget the story of the spider.

Katie Pertiet:
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