Summer Spectacular Trailblazers Challenge

Greetings, DD'ers and Happy Saturday! I have to go into work for a few hours this evening, but before I do so I thought I'd post the page I made for the Trailblazers Challenge. I hate to post and run, so no time to write about the page story, but I think the journaling is self-explanatory...

"Camping has a certain romantic appeal to me: getting away from the stress of urban life, getting back to nature, sleeping under the stars, eating food you’ve cooked over an open fire, telling ghost stories ‘round the campfire, falling asleep to the sound of crickets and night birds. In my younger days I quite liked the whole experience.

I still very much enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities--skiing and horseback riding are but two that come to mind--but nowadays, if there’s a place in the great outdoors that I’d like to see, it had better be a place I can hike out to and back from in 12 hours or less or the only way I’m likely to see it is in a travel magazine or on my “Places I’d Like To Visit” board on Pinterest.

So what happened? It’s not that I don’t like getting dirty and I certainly don’t consider myself a city girl, although city living also has a certain romantic appeal to me--the life and the noise and the culture and the energy and the restaurants and the theater and the sights. I’ve always thought it would be so cool to live in a loft in Manhattan or an apartment in Paris or a flat in London. Not forever, mind you, but for a few months in each place perhaps, just long enough for me to start to get bored and restless and tired of traffic and crowds and high prices and no parking spaces.

No, my aversion to camping has more to do with an acquired appreciation of certain creature comforts as I’ve grown older: the pleasure of going to sleep in a bed, a real bed, one with a mattress and box springs and clean sheets, of being able to get a cup of caffeine first thing in the morning right after taking a shower with soap and hot water, of having a place to plug in my hair dryer. So, although I believe that nature is beautiful and that we should all experience it as much as possible, when I’m camping I often find myself thinking that the simple beauty of time spent outside sometimes cannot compare with the utter joy and relief of having a roll of toilet paper handy when you really need it."

Designer Digitals Trailblazers Freebie Pack 2012

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On the Go Brushes and Stamps
On the Go Kit
Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01

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Fonts: CK_Ali's Hand, Ariel, Little Princess (a free dingbat font--used this to make the hair dryer)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Camping! Smile