[My daughter recently got promoted to St Louis. I gotta say, it's a nice city but the weather is the worst!]

Hot doesn't begin to describe St Louis in the Summer. We were looking at apartments all day, hiking up flights of steps and then trucking back to the car only to get back out before the air conditioner had a chance to kick in. The thermometer was 105°.

We ate at a hip-cool-weird place called Bailey's Range. On the first floor there was one long table and a counter. It was so hot and humid, even the water bottles were sweating.

We ordered Rootbeer Floats and OMG! They were the best rootbeer floats I have ever tasted!

It was the first time I was cooled off all day.

Trailblazers supply kit (flower, leaf and paper)
Tag from Katie Pertiet, l'Automne Kit
WA from Ali Edwards, Remember
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