I got my page finished just under the wire! I am a huge fan of Cathy’s templates so it is easy/hard for me to choose a page from Cathy’s gallery. Easy because I love all of her products in the store and hard because I could lift each of her pages. I took the second photo on my page last week when our daughter and her family were at our house . . . and decided on Cathy’s Blink layout because it reminded me of how fleeting the days were when our youngest granddaughter was a newborn and how precious she is to our family. Which in turn reminded me of the times I held and marveled at our own youngest child, Bess when she was a newborn . . . a three year old and now the mother to our little three year old, Amelia. So . . . here is my Cathy Zielske CT Lift!

Journaling: Here you are . . . home from the hospital with little Amelia in your arms. Your tiny girl is perfect and pink and your dream come true. She is your third baby . . . you could have a babe in your arms always and you would be happy . . . you would have ten of these little bundles if you could, I know. But three it will be for you . . . and that makes tiny Amelia so special that you could freeze time if you could. Mark and Mary Paul are smitten and love her so much . . . they want to hold her, sing to her, talk to her or to just have a little hand touching her whenever they are close by. I love to see the glow you your face when you are the one doing the gazing and touching and holding and singing. Exactly three years have gone by in the blink of an eye, and you are even more enchanted with this little girl I do believe. You still have a beautiful glow on your face when you look at Amelia . . . when you sing to her, touch her and play with her. Her brother and sister are still totally smitten and in love with her and treat her like a favorite toy. And, through all of this adoration, somehow Amelia isn’t spoiled . . . she is radiant, giving, loving and charming. I can’t count the times when we are together that you glance at her and say to me, “Isn’t she wonderful . . . what would we do without her in our lives.” I blinked on those many years ago on the day I brought you home from the hospital and now you are holding your own darling daughter . . . just in the blink of an eye. July 2012

Cathy Zielske's Layered Template No. 047
Katie Pertiet’s Classic Cardstock: Muse
Andrea Victoria’s Mod Bebe Girl Kit