I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to be back!

deborah w., the nurse repeats as she walks the length of the large waiting area. it takes a minute to register that she is looking for me. does your blood pressure usually run this high she asks as she

records my vital information. no, it is normally on the low
side, i respond. and my pulse doesn’t usually mimic that
of a hummingbird’s i want to add, but do not. you’re
probably just nervous she assures me. yeah, no kidding i
think to myself. i am at the dana farber cancer institute in boston for a second opinion and consultation with the doctor who will also be my surgeon. i force deep breaths and try to think calming thoughts. oddly enough i think of myself at home doing laundry, emptying the dishwasher, making dinner. daily grind tasks that often irritate me, yet this is what i focus on to calm myself. it has been five months since that little voice in my head said this just isn’t right. five months of tests, waiting, more tests, more opinions has brought me here today. the doctor arrives and assures me there is little reason to suspect things won’t go just fine. still i worry. three weeks later things went as the doctor had predicted; just fine. life has a strange way of teaching us lessons. i make a mental note; time to wake up and smell the coffee and remember the gift of the ordinary day. time to register that it is waiting for me.


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