I've always had an interest in my family history and over the years, have gathered information & photos from near & far.
It appears this family grasped the opportunity with both hands and really made a new life for their family and the generations who follow.
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Patrick Dowd & Ann (nee Smythe) were born in County Cavan Ireland in the early 1800’s. Life in the mid 1800’s was very tumultuous for Irish Catholics. They survived the Famine and on 25 February 1857, they set sail, with their 5 young children, on the ‘Tantivy’ for a new life in a far-away land, South Australia. On the trip, Ann gave birth to another son. They settled in the Clare Valley and named their farm Cavandale Villa, linking their old life with their new, where they grazed & farmed extensively.
(top left) A family story was passed down that Michael had some trouble with the Irish authorities. He was told to leave Ireland and he got to Southampton, then the English authorities let him go back to Ireland and get his girl friend Mary Cusack. He would laugh in his Irish accent, that "they paid for his fare and that of his girl friend". Michael & Mary married in 1869 in South Australia and produced 9 sons !
(bottom left) A letter from farmhand Michael McCabe - to his parents in Ireland: 'Cavandale Villa, Farrell Flat, May 1875' - "We are now engaged in sowing the wheat. I am ploughing every day; There are four of us and each man drives four horses and a double-furrow plough - he is supposed to plough three acres per day. There are ten of us working on the farm, all Irishmen and all young fellows and we are as united as brothers and between singing songs and telling stories about the dear old land, we don't find the time passing. In fact, I used to think a week at home as long as I do a month here. Wages are very good. I have earned more money since I came here than I ever called my own at home."
(bottom right) Patrick, Ann & son Michael are buried in Whyte Yarcowie cemetery. Their resting place may be very different from where they were born, but they made a wonderful life in Australia and their many descendents are testimony to their adventurous spirit.

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