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JournalingUrsus Arctos Horribilis
We watched this mother grizzly and cubs for over 45 minutes as they made their way leisurely over Dun Raven Pass in Yellowstone National Park. You can why the grizzly is also known as the silver tip. Mamma brought the cubs safely through the bear jam at the overlook. (If you have not been to Yellowstone, a bear jam is when you look up the road and see every car in the park pulled over. You know it is something good.) The family then proceeded up the mountain, munching rose hips and turning over boulders for the bugs and grubs underneath. The smaller cub was quite adventuresome. He would wander a little away from mom and his sibling. Then he would look up and see how far ahead they were. He made a sound very much like a human child saying “Mamma” as he ran to catch up!

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