We have had a few of our grandchildren spending the past week with us . . . what a whirlwind and what fun we had. The weather was hot, hot, hot . . . one day it was 113°. The kids loved having the swimming pool and the creeks to play in. Papa would take them on adventures daily . . . this day it was a crawdad hunt! I had such fun working with Katie's newest template . . . be sure to watch for it when it come to the store really soon!

Journaling: The highlight of the afternoon was the trip to the creek to catch crawdaddys. Papa caught two of them. One for each of you . . . and finally you got up enough nerve to pick them up! Papa scared you a bit when he let the daddy clamp onto his finger!

Pink Birdie Mini Kit – Mindy Terasawa
Pink Florale Paper Pack – Mindy Terasawa
Pretty Please Kit (pink wrap) – Mindy Terasawa
Purely Happy Paper Pack – Katie Pertiet
Simple Heart Mini Kit – Andrea Victoria
Soleil Solid Paper Pack – Andrea Victoria
Typesets: Summer No. 01 Brushes and Stamps – Cathy Zielske
My Wish Layered Template - Katie Pertiet