WE were out for Sunday lunch and Josh and his little friend were playing in the park that the restaurant opens out onto. They raided some leaves from a fallen branch of a huge old Moreton Bay Fig and decorated Josh's hat into a 'commando style' hat for their game. Just had to capture a few shots on my iPhone to scrap. I altered the Layer Works template, and lifted the idea of the vertical arrows with journalling strips from Amy's (mymalloryboys) gorgeous layout 'A Secret from my Dinosaur - sorry I must learn how to provide a link!


Studio DD

Layer Works #209 (modified to suit number of photos)

K Pertiet

Creased cardstock #3

Digital date Stamps #15

Cut Ups-Springime

JOurnal Strips #1


Crowning Affair Understated Kit

Clean Stitched Banners #1

Pink Chunky Alpha (recoloured)

L Grieveson

Barcelona Kit (circle element)

Expedition Kit

A ******

Messy Stitching