So, you know those bands that say they are going to quit performing and then they go on a farewell tour? And then a couple of years later they go on another farewell tour? And then a couple of years after that they go on...well, you get the idea. Yesterday I posted a page and I said in the commentary that I was going to be too busy to scrap for a while and that you wouldn't be seeing me around the gallery for the next few weeks. Well, um, this is my second farewell tour, and I suspect there will be more! Smile Truth be told it is very difficult for me to stay away from scrapping. I like to think that it is therapeutic (and not at all addictive or a way for me to avoid getting my work done...but I digress...), and besides, I just had to scrap this conversation I had with my DH earlier today. Ah, marriage. For better for worse for better for worse for better for worse... Smile

Journaling reads:
Me, all gooey: "Sweetie, I'm singing to Lucifer and he's purring. How cute is that?!?"
DH, matter-of-factly: "He thinks you're hurt!"

(For non-cat lovers out there, cats will purr not only when they are happy, but also when they are frightened or hurt or even to soothe a companion. You can decide for yourself why you think Lucifer was purring in this case! Oh, but wait--you should hear me sing first before making your choice...or maybe we'll just drop the whole thing... Smile )

ETA: I'm getting some very nice comments about Lucifer's name, and I agree--it's a pretty cool name for a cat, but I should 'fess up that we didn't pick it for him. As it turns out our little neighbor boy chose it for him. The whole story of how he came to live with us and how he got his name can be found on this page, if you're interested.

Okay, back to the salt mines. Happy weekend, everyone!

Ali Edwards
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