This is another page for a scrapbook I am doing on one side of our family tree. The title on the banner is the family motto and the dove on the shield in one of the photo frames is the family crest. The banner template was perfect for adding the motto!


Simon Heinrich Sack
(27 Jun 1723 - 2 Dec 1791)
We are very fortunate in our family to have a priceless genealogy resource at our disposal - Das Silberne Buch der Familie Sack (the Silver Book of the Family Sack). Here is one account of how the Silver Book came to be. In the 18th century, Simon Heinrich Sack served as Privy Councilor to the court of Frederick the Great of Prussia. In this position he accumulated considerable wealth. Although he never married , he adopted an infant daughter.
In order to provide for his daughter, his living nieces and nephews and any of their heirs , Simon Heinrich Sack established a Foundation. Through the Foundation, young men in the family could access financial aid for education. Young women in the family were assured a dowry and widows and orphans could receive a pension. This largess was not without conditions. Men had to study specific subjects (law, medicine, or theology) or join the military, and the women had to marry men in these
professions (or marry royalty). None the less, it enabled the family to maintain a high value on education and assured the welfare of its members.
The first Silver Book was published in 1886. As the family dispersed throughout the world it was necessary to find a way to update the list of descendents. This was in part related to the financial assistance from the Foundation. But of equal importance was the documentation of family history, the encouragement of a spirit of family cohesiveness and “consciousness of belonging,” and “refreshing the memory of the Founder and his noble intensions.” In addition to the Silver Book, the family has published a twice-yearly newsletter, Die Taube (the Dove). It is one of the oldest - if not the oldest - continually published family newsletters in the western world. Through these efforts, the Sack family is one of the most extensively documented non-royal families.
Two World Wars have largely depleted the Foundation’s financial resources. But the sense of family connectedness lives on. Those of us who are the descendents of the Sack ancestors who immigrated to the United States owe a debt to those whose efforts preserved this history and owe a debt to the Founder for his vision and concern for generations still to come.

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