Not much really done this week and virtually no journaling kept. It was a wonderful week!

Week 25 found me in NoVA dog sitting with Ranger while the VA family went to Myrtle Beach. I always enjoy the time by myself even tho Ranger always takes about two days to accept me. It was cool at first but then the heat set in, necessitating a lot of watering of the lawn & plants. I never did scrap but instead watched a LOT of Netflix via their Xbox - The House of Cards, some Portlandia which I didn’t care for & a season of ‘Brothers & Sister” which I love! I did make one foray to The Italian Store (no decaf espresso) & Lebanese Taverna. A Major storm warning just before Jake got in. I went to TraderJo’s for my chocolate fix & got home safely.

KPertieet_PocketPagesNo7 including
KP Blendable Photo Cards 3
KP Graphed
KP Graphed
KP Label
KP Label copy
KP Mixed Stacks
KP Mixed Stacks copy
KP Paper
KP Paper copy
KP Spring Wings
KP Spring Wings copy
KP patterned paper
EVERYDAY {stamped title}

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