"She fell off the planet." Another entry in my lexicon of pithy sayings. I use this expression, for example, when I've been trying without success to get in touch with someone--no returned phone calls, no returned emails, no in-person sightings--you get the idea. It couldn't possibly be that this person is avoiding me. No, no, what must be true is that she fell off the planet. Much more believable! Smile Well, I'm getting ready to fall off the planet myself. Between my nutsy cuckoo work schedule and an upcoming vacation, the rest of the summer is crazy busy, so I'm not likely to be around here much. Sadness. Sad I had actually started a page about this very idea last year, when I also got soooo busy that I had no time for scrapping or even gallery cruising, but I didn't like the direction the page design was going, so I put it aside. A page recently posted at GSO pushed me to try an art journal approach, and one thing and another and here we are.

So, if you don't see me around here much over the next several weeks, it's not because I'm avoiding you, it's because I fell off the planet! Smile See you when I land!

Art Warehouse
Imagination Brushes
Inspired Traveler Brushes and Stamps

Lynn Grieveson
Light as a Feather

The Grunge Source
Pavement Paper Pack (blended with snow melt paper)
Run Run Run Kit
Sidewalk Chalk Paper Pack
Snow Melt Paper Pack
Star Pieces Elements and Brushes No. 01

Pattie Knox
Fanciful Felt Ribbons and Trim: Cityscapes

Katie Pertiet

Childhood Blendables No. 01
Chronicles: Butterflies Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Destination NYC Blendables
Collageables No. 04
Dictionary Blendables: Everyday No. 01
Letter Box Blendables No. 01
Star Glows Brushes and Stamps No. 01

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