It was a Thursday in the end of June. You were on my back in the carrier and we were talking about everything and nothing. You had been at home with me, and we had been to x to buy J a birthday gift (you bought a pink t-shirt with glitter, and together we bought an Angry Birds outside game). We had been to the café and eaten muffins, and now we were heading to kindergarten to pick up J. You were chatting along when you suddenly became all stiff on my back. I could feel your legs kicking me in the side. "Look mom! A climbing tree!" you exclaimed and pointed at a tree not far away. I looked, and saw it. Yes, it was a climbing tree. Perfect for climbing. High. I had to smile, and remembered J's words from a couple of days back: "Mia always climbs!", she said and laughed when you climbed into the first and best tree as we got out of he car. And it's correct. You always climb. It's like you were born with an understanding of climbing, and you place your body so right. You look up, up, up, have your weight tight to the tree, and find all the right spots to put your feet. I think it's so cool to watch you when you climb, and now I almost don't get my heart in my throat anymore. Almost, that is.

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Hinged Frames No. 5
Watery Flowers Brushes and Stamps
Watery Washes Brushes and Stamps
Filmed Photo Masks No. 1
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Colbie solids paper pack