This is Sara on a beautiful Minnesota autumn day in September 2002 ... She was about 10 years old at the time. :-) This is Jana Morton's 5th Creative Composition class ... and pretty much a direct lift of her gorgeous layout

Supplies used:
Brown Paper Katie Pertiet Eat Cake
Brown Orange Green Grungy Paper Gretchen Thomas Meadow Glow (recolored and merged with brown background paper)
Brown Wooden Frame Katie Pertiet Gallery Photo
Tan Paper Tan Mindy Terasawa Lovey Dovey
Cream Script Paper Katie Pertiet Collection Maunscrite
Chunky Frame Katie Pertiet Email Inspiration 03-06-2011
Mask Katie Pertiet Taped Together
Leaf Katie Pertiet Flourishing No 1 (used beveled technique)
Alpha (autumn) Lynn Grieveson Awanui (recolored to brown and used hard light technique)
Calendar Katie Pertiet Tabbed Dates
Fonts used: CK Ali's Writing (subtitle) and Traveling Typewriter (journaling)