Integrity, Loyalty, Perserverance, Honesty, Care , Concern, Humility, Hard working, Pro-active, Truth,
Faithfullness Love, A ppreciation, Conscientiuosness, Bright disposition, Happy, Intelligence, Sympathy, Self Reliance, Intuition, Keenness,Creativity, Thoughtfulness, Consideration
..... and a whole lot more.We don‘t give in to temptation.We do what we say we will do. I Promise means I promise - always. We can do it. Whatever we want to do. Never ever under estimate your abilities. Always try to be at the top, second sucks. Your name may go one day, but always remember what it means to have all the values we strive to maintain - every day - forever.

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Katie Pertiet - Blendable Journalers - coming Sunday!