WE made a quick weekend visit to NYC to see the man-boy who is no longer boy, at all!!
We went to a NY Yankees game, a play, museum, went out for meals and generally did up the town.

Atlas is holding the spheres of the universe to prevent the merger of the earth and the skys..
I am guessing the man - who is building his own media business in the Big Apple - feels like that sometimes.

Thanks for looking.
I used Katie's second painting technique which is on her blog. Leaned SO much.

Katie Pertiet
Blendable Journalers NO. 2
Used to add texture under the image.

Chalk it Up: Basics No. 01 Paper Pack
I used this to give the image a texture like gum bichromate process
which I learned about at the Neue Galerie studying the photography of Heinrich Kuehn, a Viennese turn-of-the-century photographer
who was friends with Stieglitz and Steichen.

MapleBrook Studios
Chiseled Alphabet No. 05