I'm on holidays and had big plans for catching up on a a few bigger projects - but then these random page ideas pop into my head!
My middle daughter likes to have everything planned and know what's going on. This documents a funny conversation we had last week:
We were sitting down to dinner with Amy who has returned after her first semester at Uni. Someone had asked her where she’d be in 3 years’ time and she was quite distressed about it because she didn’t know the answer. We said “We don’t know where we’ll be in 3 years’ time.” Amy was quite shocked. “Why?! You’ll be HERE!” she said. We replied that we could be anywhere in the world. It was going to be OUR time. The past 20 years have merely been a phase in our life. We are getting older and looking forward to some “us” time. I think it took a bit for that idea to sink in.
Katie Pertiet:
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