thank you kayleigh! i've had these pics up all day and i went thru the store and just couldn't find what i wanted. and then she designed this template! Smile

journaling: Tori had been talking about shaving her legs for awhile. Finally, she asked if I could show her how. I remember it being harder when I was a girl. More cuts, more razor burn. Razors have come a long way from when I was a kid! We took care of her legs (mostly, we missed a few spots but her hair is so fair you can‘t even see it) and she made sure to shave again the next day. Just another rite of passage on her way to being a young woman. Sigh.

Layer Works No. 211 by Studio DD {coming soon!}
Simple Classics: Traveler Paper Pack by Katie Pertiet {coming soon!}

Vintage Milk Caps No. 01
Vintage Blendables No. 09