Photoshop is a beautiful thing. I had some free time today (Hahahahahaha! I kill me sometimes! Smile ), so I was playing around with various filter settings and blending modes to see if I could salvage a bad photo, a really bad photo. My cat, Lucifer (see this page if you are interested in the origin of his name), loves to plop down right on my hands when I'm typing on my computer keyboard, and I've been trying for days to get a decent photo of him in that position. Trouble is, reaching for the camera and then trying to actually use it when your hands are pinned by the object of your photograph is a bit tricky, so I keep ending up with, um, less than stellar pics. Inspired by Katie's painting tutorial series on her blog, I picked the best of a bad lot and decided to try and make something of it. This is the original:

and this page is where I ended up. It doesn't show him lying on my hands, which was the original intent of the photo (maybe next time!), but it isn't horrible, right? Right? Okay, don't all speak at once! Smile

Now, if only I could remember what settings I used...

Katie Pertiet
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