A page for my latest project, a kayaking excursion I took with some friends a few years ago. When I'm scrapping an event I have the worst time sorting and choosing photos for my pages, so I inevitably end up with these overstuffed and hard to follow pages. I can't just show one photo of us standing around listening to the guide explain how to put on the kayak skirt, I have to show ALL of us standing around listening to the guide! It's not enough to show Jim Bob looking at the pretty star fish, I must also show Melodia and Ernestine and Fredrik looking at the pretty star fish! Sigh! I'm sure there's a class somewhere for how to do this better, but in the meantime, everyone who ever goes on a trip with me can rest assured (or live in dread?) that they will end up on my scrapbook pages!

The page I'm posting is the left side of a two-page spread. Here is what the two pages look like together:


It was only a two-hour event, so I was able to get all of the photos I wanted to scrap on just these two pages! Unlike the Golden Gate bicycle trek, which lasted ~8 hours and went on for pages and pages and pages...here's Jim Bob renting his bike, here's Jim Bob on the way to the bridge, here's Jim Bob on the bridge...now repeat for Melodia, Ernestine and Fredrik! Smile

Journaling for this page reads:
"Back in April of this year, I joined the xxxxx Lab. Until the end of the summer I’ll be working both in S’s lab and in J’s lab. The short story is that J’s cell biology grant was not renewed, so his lab is really strapped for cash. (Hopefully that won’t last long!) To help out I agreed to go to part-time status in his lab for a while. Turns out S needs some help right now and she was willing to take me on part-time, so between the two labs I’m working--and getting paid for--full-time. Whew!

Okay, so what does any of this have to do with kayaking? I’m getting to that! S is a big believer in getting people out of the lab every now and then for an organized day of play. Today’s play date was a kayaking excursion on the Monterey Bay. Our adventure began early this morning, when we all met in back of Beckman and carpooled down to Monterey Bay Kayaks, the company that would be taking us on our guided kayaking tour. After being outfitted with wind breakers and life vests (mercifully, we are using the sit-inside kayaks and not the sit-on-top kind, so we don’t need to wear wet suits!) we headed for the beach, where we were given paddling lessons and instructions on how to put on and attach the “skirt” that would cover us while we were in the kayaks. We were all paired up in two-person kayaks (BB was my partner), and our kayaks were shoved into the water one at a time.

At last we were off! Our guide took us on a great tour of the bay that lasted about two hours. We saw kelp beds, sea lions and tons of pelicans. On the way back, he took us next to a concrete wall in the boat marina where star fish and tiny shell fish attach themselves.

Back on dry land, we walked along Fisherman’s Wharf and stopped in at a seafood shanty for some lunch. There was a candy store on the wharf and so a few of up picked up bags of salt water taffy for the road. Although the weather was not great--quite cloudy and cold, actually--It was a lovely day nonetheless."

Journaling on companion page reads:
"Some random thoughts...We all look awfully glum in those photos on the opposite page! I think we were just cold! The kayaks are a horrible shade of yellow, but I suppose that makes them easy to see on the water. The guide was very respectful of the star fish, showing us the correct way to hold it. He did put it back in the water. B was the only one who took photos today! I really like salt water taffy!"

ETA: the page title here refers to an earlier page I posted for this project, The Motley Crew.

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