A challenge inspired by this post

Krafty Ledger Paper Pack
Layered Memories No. 130
Classic Cardstock: Pilgrim
Conifere Solids Paper Pack
Buttoned Up: Botanicals No. 01
Botanist Notebook Collector Cards No. 02
Library Card Collection: Botanicals No. 01
Vintage Flashcard Alphabet
Wood Game Tiles Alphabet
Watery Washes No. 03 Brushes and Stamps
Katie's Pencil Thin Font
I used different handwritten fonts for journaling, including LD Soccer Mom, SNF Lollihop, Pea Marley, and Segoe Print.
My seven things are:
1. I am adopted, but my siblings (2 older brothers, 1 younger sister), were not.
2. I've never been known by a nickname among friends but my sister and I call each other Weiner Seester (yes, we spell it wrong. Part of it's charm!) -- I'm Weiner Seester #1, she's Weiner Seester #2. And, my niece and nephew have always called me Auntie Dee (easier than Aunt Denise, I guess)
3. I have loved the smell of coffee since I was a child, but my Dad always told me it would "stunt my growth," so I didn't drink it until I was older. Highly addicted now!
4. My Mom is the most amazing cook; I love to cook but have a hard time with baking. Too much precision! LOL
5. I never saw myself as a mother (never thought I had the patience), but now I'm home with my kids and I can't imagine not being a mom!
6. I was a radio DJ at my university (Wayne State University in Detroit) and have never been afraid of public speaking.
7. I have always wanted to visit Paris (I am 1/4 French), took French in high school and college, but have not been there...yet...