Ali's page, "Hello, Fall"

provided just the inspiration I needed to get this spread done. Like the project itself, the page was taking me forever to complete. This page will be part of this spread:

And the story behind the page is this:
About November last year, I decided to have the 15 ft. high hedge taken out of my "back" yard, thus allowing sunlight to actually reach my back deck - which had been growing moss for so long it was in dire need of replacement before someone fell through it. So, I bit the bullet and opted for a new back deck. With vinyl railings that don't have to be painted or stained. And I set about to find a contractor who could build it for me. The one I chose does custom decks for several of the custom home builders in town, and his work is awesome, so I knew right away he was my man. And I liked the result so well, I decided to do the front porch deck to match.

And there's the first hitch. It was a mild winter with hardly any snow. Builders worked all winter. My decks finally got started in February, and the front one in March. Come spring, (second hitch) my landscaper was running in circles trying to keep up with all the work he had, and my walks didn't get framed until late May. I arrived home from a visit in TX on June 4 to find it raining cats and dogs, my lawn torn up, walks partially framed, no concrete due to the weather, and Diesel arriving that evening to spend the weekend and track in mud on my carpet - which he did with amazing alacrity. 2 long weeks later, I was still waiting for concrete to be poured since my landscaper also works for the mobile home park where I live, and they had him busy pouring foundations for new homes.

So you can imagine my joy when I came home from work last week to find concrete had been poured!! And Tuesday, my landscaper was back to put in my flower beds!!! My front porch is no longer home to all those containers of plants for my beds. Now, if I can just get the lawn re-seeded and grass growing, I will at last be finished for a while.

Katie Pertiet
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Photo Clusters No. 04

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