I've been a fan of Ali's since my paper days, and I loved going through her gallery. I just couldn't resist the soft sweetness of her Quiet Moments page.

And I also couldn't resist giving Katie's cool painting tutorial a whirl. Thanks, Katie!

Lynn Grieveson
Franklin Kit

Ali Edwards
Remember Outline Word Overlays 12x12)
Staycation Brushes And Stamps)

Katie Pertiet
Tabbed Dates No. 01A)
Clock Parts No. 02: Clock Face Collection)
Clock Parts No. 04: Wire Frames)
From My Bookshelf No. 02 Element Pack)
Art Class Frames No. 03)
Clean Stitched Banners: White No. 01)

Pattie Knox
Staple Its!: Clusters)

Cassie Jones
How’d They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows)

Urania Piccola II