This page is a lift of Sharon's beautiful page "Legacy". Thanks for the inspiration Sharon! It helped me finish a page I have wanted to create for a long time!

I have been wanting to complete this page in memory of my dad (and how wonderful that it happened on Father's Day) I was so happy to see the beautiful Destination Paper Pack that will be arriving in the store soon. I was able to blend into the paper a picture of a maple tree to go along with my journaling.

**This is a story told to us by one of my dad's co-workers at the memorial service for my dad.**
I love this story and it so reminds me of my dad....and his wonderful trait of believing that things will turn out for the best.

Journaling: (A story retold)
One day Paul announced to the office that he got a “good deal” on Bare-rooted trees and was anyone interested. I raised my hand. That weekend Paul pulled up to my house with this sick looking maple tree that looked like it was on life support. I remember saying to Paul, “should we bury it and put it out of it’s misery?” He ignored my sarcasm and muttered “You’ll’ll see”.
That tree was planted on the front lawn at our home at 386 Sterling Street. We have since moved two blocks south to 532 Sterling Street. Each day we drive past our old home at 386 Sterling and view this huge, beautiful maple tree that is now the “King of the Neighborhood” and I can still hear Paul muttering “you’ll’ll see.”
How right he was.

K. Pertiet
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