In honor of Father's Day, I chose this picture of us two the day after Christmas last year. Love this photo!

Yes, this is a lift of Jana Morton's Sweet Girl ...

Supplies used:

Word Art: Katie Pertiet Fathers Day Inspiration 06-16-2012
Blue Dark paper: Lynn Grieveson Beauchamp (one of my favorites)
Mask: Katie Pertiet Star Glows No 1
Mask: Katie Pertiet Taped Together No 1
Brown paper: Katie Pertiet Web Challenge 08-24-2008
Cream crumpled paper: Katie Pertiet Candid Collection
Mask: Lynn Grieveson Inky Dink Page Borders 1
Filigree: Anna Aspnes Hipster Plumes Overlay
Flower: Kim Broedelet
Button: Katie Pertiet Cold Springs
Bow: Katie Pertiet Alandia Rancheros
Calendar: Katie Pertiet Make a Date
Swirl: Katie Pertiet (can't remember where)