Back in April, yes I'm still scrapping those photos!! Esther and I had a fun weekend together in Melbourne when we did a night photography course. The next morning we went down to Williamstown to check out the war ship which had been turned into a museum docked there, and ended up being given a private tour of the ship before it opened to the public ... because in the words of one of the men on board when he saw us walking down the dock taking photographs ... we looked like a couple of spies! Smile

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Esther and I had a chance to visit Williamstown on the Saturday morning and ended up down the at dock alongside HMAS Castlemaine. It wasn’t yet open for visitors so we just decided to take photos from the dock. Until a wizened old man came up to us and announced that we looked like a couple of spies with our big cameras and maybe we’d like to go on board. He had seen us from the ship and decided we needed a private tour to take photographs to our hearts content. He enlisted a tour guide, Hercules, who was passionate about the navy and this particular warship, which was a minesweeper in World War 2. One thing I learnt was that those narrow ships ladders were certainly not made for women with big camera bags, that’s for sure! We did have a bit of fun up on deck when we grabbed the helmet, which I decided must always be worn at a jaunty angle! Such a fun morning.