It took me a while to think of some random facts.I have really enjoyed reading everyone's facts.

1. I really dislike coffee and tea. I wish there was a drink with caffeine I liked.Sometimes I need something to wake me up.To be honest though...I am glad it's not an addiction for me.
2. I have a twin sister. We do not look alike and our personalities are very different. She is bold and I am shy.
3. I bite my nails. I am not very proud of this nasty habit. I try to grow them but once there is any length I can'y help myself. I have tried fake nails and don't like them either.
4. I used to be a picky eater. I had only a few foods I would eat as a child.I have come a long way and will eat many foods I would never eat. I didn't even try a pizza till I was in my 20's! Crazy!
5. I used to want 8 children. What was I thinking?I loved the baby stage so much with my children that I wanted more. They eventually become teenagers...
6. I am an introvert. So I am happiest when I am at home with my family.
7. When my sisters and I started school we could not speak any English.The only language we knew was German. It was a difficult transition.And now, unfortunately we rarely speak German...
Katie Pertiet
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