This is the companion page to Hohenschwangau. They will be next to each other in the book, hence the same scheme. My one vacation regret was that it was foggy when we went to this castle and I didn't get the stunning photos you see in the Internet and books.

Journaling: After visiting Hohenschwangau we walked 30 minutes mostly uphill to the newer castle, Neuschwanstein. It was a foggy day so we didn’t get picturesque exterior views. We took the castle interior tour which included the Hall of Singers, the Throne Room, the private chapel and the King’s bedroom. The interior of the castle is filled with elaborately decorated rooms. The rooms had a variety of decorations including wood ceilings, walls and door paintings, enormous crown theme chandelier, gold-plated brass, mosaic floors, marble sculptures, glass doors, candelabras, embroidered silk curtains, wrought iron and elaborate oak wood carvings. The most unusual part was an artificial cave between the living room and study. The interior was hardly used before the King’s death so it remains in great condition in both color and details.

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