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1. I have been scrapping too much recently and 2 fingers on my 'mouse' hand have gone numb! Sadly I can’t seem to stop scrapping to give it a rest!
2. I talk in my sleep and Dylan regularly tries to have conversations with me. Thankfully, he can never understand what I am saying! 3. Canada is at the top of my travel list once I win the lotto. Followed by the US, nearly all of Europe and even my own beautiful country. 4.I have an extremely weak stomach. I can’t use public bathrooms, clean out the fridge or clean the bird’s cage but I am absolutely fine with changing Lincoln’s nappies! 5.I like to put Vegemite on my pancakes. And my toast. And my cruskits. I like my vegemite. 6.I get very dizzy with any heights - I even get vertigo going up an escalator! Once, I got vertigo on an escalator, tripped over and cut my knee so badly it needed stitches. 7.During my first year of Uni I had my tongue and belly button pierced. I took the belly piercing out while pregnant and the tongue bar out for my c-section and never put them back in.