I really enjoyed Pattie's interview on the blog. I am so glade that she made the A to Zoo tiles that inspired others to create the alphabet books. I made one for my son and one for my nephew. They have both enjoyed their own special books. After seeing it, my 5 year old requested a special book for herself too. And she is giving her own input as to what she wants in it!

KPertiet: Wooden Alpha no.8, Gator crossing kit, Alandia kit, buttoned up botanical and I believe transparent envelope was a chat freebie from Katie.

PKnox: A to Zoo tiles, wacom penscrappers kit and thumb tack is from her art journaling class

CJones: A Matte Finish and I believe how to shadow a transparent item came from another one of her tutorials

Other items from: Biograffiti, Anna Aspnes, Tiffany Tillman, C Wilkerson and Pink Reptile Designs