I created this for the Heritage Challenge from the Blog. Both photos are pictures I took of photos we went through while visiting my sister last month. The one was taken sometime in the early to mid-fifties and the other about a year before he passed away. He was a wonderful man and loving Dad. I never realized how much I would miss him or how much I would appreciate who he was on the inside!

There is no way to put into words the legacy you left. Not necessarily one of wealth and tangible “things”; but one of faith, wisdom, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, humor, optimism and so much more! So many times I wish I could talk with you, ask you questions, feel your presence - just know you are there. I miss you so much - but your legacy lives on and the memories of you are my heart’s treasure.

Poem is taken from “Should You Go First and I Remain” but I have not been able to find the author.
I'll hear your voice, I'll see your smile, though blindly I may grope, The memory of your helping hand will buoy me on with hope.

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