I had so much fun with this challenge!! I actually think I scrap a lot faster when I can only use certain products! Smile

Just a little story about Dylan and I. Smile **I should probably add it's written as a story to Lincoln (and any future siblings) for 'later on'.. Smile**

Thanks for looking. Smile

Circle Strips 1 Word Strips
Sentiments No. 01 Brushes and Stamps
Dotted and Dashed Brushes and Stamps
Mika Paper Pack
Postage Stamp Frames No. 06
Watery Hearts Brushes and Stamps

Font: Oceania Light
Journaling: A week or so after we started dating, your Dad decided to make me a romantic dinner. This was one of the first things I learnt about your Dad, the man can cook! It was also because of this dinner that I thought your Dad had dumped me only a week after dating! The night before I had told your Dad that I would call him at 9pm. I called and there was no answer. No problems I thought. Half an hour later I tried again. No answer. Hmm, I thought. I gave it another half hour and still no answer. I started to wonder. Your Dad at this point in time refused to own a mobile phone so his home number was the only one I had. I gave it another half an hour and tried again. Still no answer. My mind began to tick over. I was certain he was avoiding the call. What had gone wrong? What did I do? I gave it an hour and decided it was the last time I was trying. Still no answer. I gave up. I was sure I was being given the cold shoulder. And I refused to try calling again. I was so stinking mad. After midnight the phone rang. It was your Dad apologising profusely for not answering the phone. Turns out, he had been in the kitchen for three hours preparing the citrus sauce for the most amazing seafood dish I have ever eaten. He couldn’t leave the stove to get the phone otherwise it would have burnt and it took him forever to reduce it. He also made what we have affectionately named ‘chocolate goop’. Flash fried strawberries in a chocolate mousse type substance. He made both of these recipes up and they still remain my most favourite meals ever. Once I tasted them, I forgot all of the previous night’s insecurities. The love and time that went into making me that dinner spoke volumes. We enjoyed it by candlelight and with a bottle of wine and it is no surprise that ‘I love you’ was said for the first time that night. Story from April 2005. Picture August 2005. Written June 2012.