I love these pictures so much... I know, I am a little biased. I started out having the pictures on the left side larger with no embellishing, but then I thought "let's play a little!" This is A LOT of embellishing for me (and it really isn't that much compared with some of the embellishing masters at DD!) which I don't do very often, but I have to admit it is lots of fun when I do! :-) Thanks for looking!

Journaling (right) - I found this little wagon at a yard sale for two dollars. The front axle needs to be fixed but it was perfect for a quick 17-month photo-shoot with Kyle. He loved holding onto the handle and shaking the wagon, but every time I tried to put the handle in his left hand (so more of his body showed for the pictures) he switched it back to his right. While Daddy would love to have a lefty in the family we are pretty sure Kyle will be in the majority on this one!

Journaling (left) - Kyle is still a pretty happy kid. Of course he gets frustrated or upset at times, but it is pretty easy to distract him into happiness again. Still no talking but he definitely communicates what he wants. Sometimes he will look at what he wants and grunt, which does work. What is actually really cute is when he comes over to one of us, takes our hand and either puts something in it that he wants help with, or leads us over to where he needs our help. He doesn’t always get what he wants, but at least we can respond with an answer to what he is “asking” us. He will still, on occasion, shake his head and his finger back and forth when we tell him no, and is pretty good about obeying, except when it comes to the refrigerator and freezer, which he just loves to open and close, open and close. Grandma has been here for a couple weeks and what she loves most about Kyle is his giggle. One thing that has been making Kyle laugh recently is when I shake move my head left to right quickly. For some reason he thinks this is very funny and will copy me and then wait for me to do it again... and crack up. Kyle grew one more tooth this past month for a total of eight.

Credits (for both sides)

Katie Pertiet -
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fonts - Traveling Typewriter and Century Gothic