A spread for my "Thankful" book.

Journaling: May is the best month for watching out my back door. I have a bird feeder out there and I am always amazed at the variety of birds who come to see what might be on the menu. There are the usual sparrows and grackles and finches, but occationally I’ll be sitting at my computer and glance out to find a nut hatch or a woodpecker. This year I finally have a pair of cardinals. They are so skittish that in the past I’ve only ever caught sight of them for a second before they fly off. I’ve had to become quite stealth with my camera when taking pictures of these birds because as soon as Hermes hears the sound of the shutter he comes flying across the kitchen floor skidding to a stop in front of the glass door and all I can do is sigh as they all scatter. (Well, I do say, “Dang it, Hermes!”) The only one that doesn’t seem to get too excited about the little white dog is the big furry one with the fluffy tail. He just eats until I open the door and Hermes chases him up the tree, at which time he just looks down and basically gives the dog what for.

Katie Pertiet:
Vintage Library Paperie No. 02
Painted Birds No. 01