"Clean-up on Aisle 7! Clean-up on Aisle 7!"

Okay, that was obscure, even for me! Smile I have a folder of unfinished projects; more often than not there is just a small handful of pages I need to make to finish them, but since I have the attention span of a two-year old, it takes me a while to actually focus and do the work. And there it is...as soon as it feels like "work" I don't want to do it, and so these projects languish for eons before I finally get to them. Aaaaaaanyway, I call this folder my "Clean-Up" folder (hence the opening line, above Wink ) and this page is for one of the projects in that folder. The story is this...

A few years ago, I was working part-time in another lab (long, boring story). One of the coolest things about that lab was how they'd take a day off work during the week (!!!) and just go play. This behavior was not only encouraged by le grande fromage--it was she who organized our play days! One such play day was a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. I've paper scrapped a few pages for that project, but even at the time I made those pages I wasn't crazy mad about how they turned out, so I put everything away, waiting for inspiration to strike. Well, strike it did! I actually started cleaning up this particular project at the recent 2nd Quarterly Sale chat fest; I made a brand spankin' new title page using this way cool freebie template Pattie gave us during her chat. The template Linda selected for the latest template challenge gave me an idea for how to scrap a companion page for the title page, one on which I journal the story of the day. The two pages together look like:


I know they are stupefyingly busy, but this is where my muse led me, and these days when the muse strikes I just go along for the ride!

Linda, thanks for the great challenge!

Journaling reads:
"August already! My time in the xxx Lab is flying by and will be over in a few weeks. One aspect of S’s lab I quite enjoy is her insistence that the whole lab should take a day off now and then during the week to go and play. I’ve only been in the lab since April of this year, but already we've been on two excursions! In June we went kayaking; today we biked across the Golden Gate Bridge. Our adventure began at oh-dark-thirty this morning, when we all met and then car pooled up to the city. Some of the gang brought their own bikes--S, for one (I was only mildly surprised when she showed up this morning outfitted in total biking gear from top to bottom)--but most of us rented a bike at the starting point of our actual ride, a bike rental shop called Blazing Saddles located on Hyde St. Once we all had our bikes, we were off! Our route took us down and along the shore and then up and over the bridge. On the Marin side we continued to Tiburon, where we stopped for lunch at a restaurant near the ferry. I enjoyed the bike ride over the bridge but was awfully glad we returned to San Francisco on the ferry! After we got back home, we ended the day with dessert, a cheesecake S brought in for us. Mmmmm! A tasty way to end a fun, fun day!"

Oh, I should add that I made the bike helmets that the stick figures are wearing, and when I say I "made" the helmets, I did not draw them. (Ugh! I cannot free form draw to save my soul...) What I did was: found a pic of a helmet on the 'net, added a stroke to it, deleted the actual pic so that only the stroke was left (this makes the helmet look like a doodle) and then filled in the helmet outline with color using a brush that came with CS5.

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