Jacob wrote this for an assignment in class. Neither of us realized how much he had taken in about Chester. We read it for the first time when we saw it displayed in class for student showcase.

When I wasn’t born, my dog would play frisbee.
But now he just stares at it.
When I was born, he was brown and black.
But now he’s gray.
My furry friend.

My dog used to run.
But now he walks.
He would hold his doodoo until he went outside.
But now he poops in the house.
My poor friend.

My dog used to try and eat my food.
But now he eats his own.
There was a gate in front of my bedroom that my dog would try to get through.
But now he doesn’t.
My dog used to give me kisses when I came home from school.
But now he doesn’t, because my dog, Chester,
is gone.

Katie Pertiet
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