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Vintage Charm Kit
Banner Twine Templates No. 02
Aged Stripes Alphabet No. 01
Edge Overlays No. 02
Pencil Line Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Bradded Photo Frames No. 03
Watery Photo Blocks No. 02 Brushes and Stamps
Pregnancy Hand Drawn Brushes

Photo Action: My Four Hens

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Journaling: My baby shower was planned months in advance and just so happened to be a week after the 2011 Brisbane floods. We ended up only having a small group due to some people needing to go out of town, illness and others assisting with flood clean ups. Not to worry - I still had a wonderful time! Aunty Jess and Nana did a wonderful job of putting everything together. There were lots of lovely decorations and heaps of yummy food! They were awesome hostesses! We played a few games - the peg game (everyone wore 5 pegs and throughout the baby shower you were not allowed to say 'Baby', 'Peanut', 'Boy' or 'Lincoln' - if you did, whoever heard it stole a peg and those wearing the most pegs at the end got a prize), the game where everyone tries to guess my 'circumference' (someone was spot on!!!) and 'pass the parcel' (a nappy with melted chocolate in it and whoever ended up with it got to open the 'parcel' and win a prize... yuck). I was completely spoiled by everyone, especially by your Nana and Pa and we loved everything! It was hard not to feel a little humbled and blessed by everything we received. There were lots of gorgeous little outfits and it goes without saying you will be one well dressed little guy. And there were a lot of beautiful toys. We were very, very spoiled! Next stop – we need to set up your room! Baby shower, 22nd January 2011.